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Tik-Talks - Kotha Kaw

Fateha Begum & Sudip Chakroborthy

Fateha Begum and Sudip Chakroborthy present Tik Talks – Kotha Kaw, a series of 10 two-minute Tik Toks spotlighting Bangladeshi creatives living in Birmingham and Bangladesh. The videos give insight into their field of work and life experiences, reflecting different artforms and thoughts on representation, visibility and acceptance. Through these works, the artists hope to inspire other young Bangladeshis to pursue a career in the arts. 

  • Ariya Laker, Actor (Language: English)
  • Asad Iqbal, Painter (Language: Bangla with English subtitles)
  • Majharul Islam, Graphic Designer (Language: Bangla with subtitles) 
  • Shaiek Rana, Actor (Language: English)
  • Abeda Begum, Costume Designer (Language: English) 
  • Zuairijah Mou - Writer (Language: Bangla with subtitles)
  • Nilanjona Jui – Dance Artist (Language: Bangla with subtitles)
  • Waheeda Rahman-Mair – Multi-disciplinary Artist (Language: English)
  • Zunab Ali – Set Designer and Builder (Language: Bangla with subtitles)
  • Zuairijah Mouli – Bharatanatyam Artist (Language: Bangla with subtitles)

Watch the Tik Talk - Kothaw Kaw series below:

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