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Community Facilitators

Part of our work has been to discover narratives within the British Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities in Birmingham, to update our understanding of contemporary culture, people’s engagement with the city and experience of the city’s cultural life.

As well as working to understand these communities generally, we wanted to look in particular at historically under-represented groups and voices. We did some work to specifically focus on the voices and views of women, those with connections with Kashmir and the voices of young British Bangladeshi and Pakistani people.

Here’s a summary of the emerging themes we’ve uncovered so far:

Transforming Narratives Community Facilitation – emerging themes.

Here are the more detailed reports:

Thanks to our Community Facilitators who carried out the research, Aftab Rahman, Aisha Mahmood, Dr Karamat Iqbal, Mohammed Ali, Mukhtar Dar, Musurut Dar, Shafaq Hussain, and to Irna Qureshi for producing the overarching summary.

Please note, the views and opinions expressed in these reports are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the policy or position of  Transforming Narratives or its funders.