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Exchange and Collaboration Programme

Three Collaborative Projects and seven Exchange Projects were commissioned in 2019-2020 as part of Transforming Narratives Exchange and Collaboration Programme, involving organisations based in Birmingham, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The projects span a range of artforms including visual arts, music, literature and theatre.

The aim of the Collaborative Projects is to support artists and organisations to showcase contemporary artistic work as well as building long-lasting cross-country relationships. 

The Exchanges support work that brokers new partnerships or develops existing ones through international residences, exchanges and critical dialogue in Birmingham, Pakistan or Bangladesh.


The commissioned Collaborative Projects are:

Epiphania Visuals

Curator Dipa Mahbuba Yasmin of Epiphania Visuals will commission six visual artists from Bangladesh for a major exhibition at Midlands Arts Centre (MAC) addressing different views of issues related to identity and gender politics.

Sampad Arts - My City My Home

Sampad invite women in Pakistan and Bangladesh to develop their writing skills through an online literature project titled My City My Home: Connecting Cities. Read more at


Nowka Bais CIC - Shohojogita

Nowka Bais bring together music artists from Bangladesh and Birmingham to work on a project titled Shohojogita to develop new folk songs that will be performed at the Nowka Bais event in Birmingham in the summer.



The commissioned Exchanges are:

Artist Rinkoo Barpaga of Deaf Explorer CIC aims to transform deaf stories through theatre, working with Deaf theatre makers and young people in Pakistan and Birmingham.

Artist Faisal Hussain developed new works inspired by Pakistan’s urban environments for audiences in both Pakistan and Birmingham.

Artist Hira Butt explored the cultural significance of golden bangles for women of South-Asian ethnicity working with, and taking inspiration from, women from Pakistan and Birmingham.

Mukhtar Dar, Artistic Director of Kalaboration, built on R&D commissioned through Transforming Narratives in 2018/19 developing and sharing creative contacts in the UK and Pakistan developed through their theatre production, Sigh of the Musaafir.

Deborah Kermode, CEO & Artistic Director of Midlands Arts Centre (MAC) participated in the Dhaka Art Summit in Bangladesh, building on MAC’s experience of collaborating with artists internationally, with a view to extending international dialogue with artists and audiences. MAC will explore possibilities for showcasing work by emerging Bangladeshi artists at MAC as part of Future Arts programming.

Rebecca Bridgman, Curatorial & Exhibitions Manager of Birmingham Museums Trust, connected with multiple partners in Pakistan and Bangladesh to strengthen and develop partnerships, share working experience and explore future acquisitions for Birmingham’s collection.

The K’antu Ensemble developed a contemporary music performance using the musical language and performance styles of Birmingham and Bangladesh for young special educational needs audiences working with musicians and the CHILD Foundation.