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Our Mission

The aims of Transforming Narratives are:

  • To carry out an exploration of identities, stories and cities through an ambitious artistic exchange programme. Develop a new generation of artists, creative producers and cultural leaders from Pakistan, Bangladesh and within Birmingham’s Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities.
  • To provide development opportunities to showcase innovative but lesser known and less established artists practicing in Pakistan, Bangladesh and in Birmingham.
  • Reshape our understanding of arts practice, city place-making and creative engagement with diversity.
  • To develop an international cultural programme through an audience-led approach, placing community consultation and engagement at the heart of the development process to ensure the programme has meaning and relevance to local communities; encouraging more engagement with the arts within those communities.
  • To strengthen and develop sustainable cultural relationships between Birmingham’s Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities and contemporary society in Pakistan and Bangladesh.
  • Create new narratives and telling old stories through a contemporary lens, which have resonance in all three places.
  • Through international exchange working with Bangladesh and Pakistan, to support more creative dialogue and collaboration between larger and smaller cultural organisations/creative practitioners/artists across different parts of Birmingham leading to a collective, shared cultural offer as an international city.
  • Reach diverse audiences using new technologies and digital engagement.