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Transforming Narratives is an international programme, supporting creative and cultural practitioners and cultural organisations in Birmingham to engage in cultural and creative exchange with artists and organisations in cities in Pakistan and Bangladesh. 

The project offers a range of platforms for new artistic voices and exchanging narratives around contemporary lived experience across the three countries and will build meaningful and enduring relationships between the cultural sectors/ecologies in Birmingham, Pakistan and Bangladesh for now and the future.

The project has five strands of activity:

  1. Artistic programme
  2. Cultural leadership development 
  3. Community consultation and engagement
  4. Archiving culturally diverse work produced by minority ethnic artists
  5. Critical exchange and dialogue 

Transforming Narratives is managed by Culture Central, and delivered in partnership with The British Council and 10 Birmingham-based cultural partners.

It is supported by Arts Council England.

Note: The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed through projects funded by Transforming Narratives belong to the artists and organisations delivering these projects. They do not reflect the opinions or views of Culture Central, Arts Council England or the British Council, and their appearance on the Transforming Narratives website does not reflect any endorsement by these organisations. The topics and themes are chosen and expressed in these works by the artists and associated organisations, and are theirs alone.