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Artistic Programme

Transforming Narratives is supporting an extensive artistic programme that links Birmingham with cities in Bangladesh and Pakistan, with an emphasis on mutual exchange, collaboration and capacity building. Through a series of Open Calls, over 40 projects have been facilitated, with more planned for 2021-2022. The Open Calls have supported three areas of activity: research and development, exchange and collaboration, and digital collaboration. An additional set of collaborative projects took place at the start of the project, in 2019.

Digital Collaborations Programme

Developed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, a programme using digital technology to link artists, creative organisations and communities in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Birmingham. Read More


Exchanges and Collaborations Programme

Supporting artists and organisations to showcase contemporary artistic work and build long-lasting cross-country relationships. Read More


Research and Development Programme

A series of R&D visits between arts practitioners in Birmingham, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Read More


Year 1 Collaborative Projects

Four projects linking Birmingham with artists in Pakistan and Bangladesh that marked the start of the Transforming Narratives programme. Read More.


Images: 'Stay Home' from A Walk With Imaginary Friends by Dr Shayekh Mohammed Arif; Sigh of the Musaafir by Kalaboration Arts; A Woman's Journey by Maryam Wahi; Bangladesh to Birmingham by Soul City Arts