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Taiz Larkiyan

Fiha Barkat Ali & Asavir Nadeem

Taiz Larkiyan is a utopic project that is inspired by Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain’s 1905 feminist fiction ‘Sultana’s Dream’. 

The project aims to re-imagine what an inclusive utopia could entail and navigates themes such as fashion, mobility and identity in relation to the spaces humans inhabit. It is as mysterious as it is revealing. Are you ready to explore this land? 

Go to to navigate this new world; its mundane activities and spaces as well as its systems and customs.

A number of collaborating artists have contributed to this project including Fatima Raheel, Duaa Khan, Fatima Kamal, Rubaab M Mohammad and Hafsa Ashfaque, as well as Wasay Usmani who developed the website. The website will continue to develop and new collaborators are brought on in the future.

Images: Taiz Larkiyan

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