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Sign Languages

Rinkoo Barpaga and Ali Noonari

A series of films exploring the experiences of Rinkoo Barpaga (UK) and Ali Noonari (PK), produced by Deaf Explorer.


Rinkoo Barpaga and Ali Noonari, Sign Languages

An online conversation between Rinkoo Barpaga in the United Kingdom, and Ali Noonari in Pakistan, communicated through PSL-BSL interpretation. Film produced by Deaf Explorer.

Watch an introduction to the conversation from Rinkoo: 

Watch Sign Languages here: 

Sign Languages builds on their Digital Collaborative project Words, Signs & VV Photo Dictionary, originally commissioned by Transforming Narratives in 2020. 

During the Transforming Narratives Mela and Symposium, we also screened Rinkoo Barpaga’s film Double Discrimination, created in 2014. Double Discrimination is a thought-provoking documentary about racism in the Deaf community in the United Kingdom. Screened with the permission of Rinkoo Barpaga and the British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust.

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