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Mast Qalander Dancehall: Part II

Kalaboration Arts & Art Langar

Mast Qalandar Dancehall is a digital music and dance collaboration that seeks to interweave Sufi music and dancehall with a variety of traditional and contemporary dance forms to create a contemporary rendition of the popular Mast Qalandar song.

As an intercultural project, the Mast Qalandar Dancehall: Part II video will feature a unique synthesis of sounds and images that combine interdisciplinary art forms and influences from Birmingham, Pakistan and Jamaica. 

It will blend musical genres including dancehall, roots reggae, mystic dhamaal, Sufi qawwali, world trans and electronica hiphop, and interweave UK and Pakistani contemporary and traditional dance forms of high energy freestyle street dance, dancehall, hip hop, saami and Saraiki Jhumar. It will cut and mix the art of UK/Pakistani fashion to create ‘to-be-seen-in’ avant-garde wearable costumes.

The work builds on an online collaboration project by Kalaboration Arts and Art Langar, Mast Qalander Dancehall: Part I, originally commissioned by Transforming Narratives in 2020 and featuring Myki Tuff, Gulshan Jahar and Arieb Azhar. Music composition by Simon Duggal. Conceived and directed by Mukhtar Dar.

The Mast Qalander Dancehall: Part II video will be launched during 2022. Listen to the Mast Qalander Dancehall: Part I song here: 


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