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Emergency Jaruri

Curated by Sara Mia 

Emergency Jaruri  জরুরী is a digital presentation of artists work from Bangladesh focusing on the complexities of the environmental crisis. Themes include the climate emergency, pollution, habitat destruction, loss of land, species and ways of life for entire communities including tribal people. 

Emergency Jaruri জরুরী features work by Sumana Akhter, Gidree Bawlee, Salma Jamal Moushum, Molla Sagar and Kamruzzaman Shadhin. It is curated by Sara Mia (UK).

This multi-artform presentation includes performance, site-specific installation, film and architecture.  

For British Bengalis such as Sara, news, media and frames of reference are dominated by makers from the global north. By curating this project of authentic voices she wishes to challenge preconceived ideas held outside of Bangladesh about how its people view themselves.  

This project is web- and twitter-based. Follow the conversation at

Image: Sumana Akter, Five minutes for the sundarbans, from Emergency Jaruri 

Image: Gidree Bawlee, River Dolphin, from Emergency Jaruri

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