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Dhaka Say Karachi, Chapter 2

Ahsan Bari & Sheikh Dina

A collaborative journey where a group of multidisciplinary artists come together to tell a story across borders, languages and different histories. Ahsan Bari, a multidisciplinary artist of Pakistan, spearheads this collaboration, which is co-produced by Bangladeshi singer and composer Sheikh Dina. 

The work builds on their Digital Collaborative project Dhaka Say Karachi, Chapter 1 originally commissioned by Transforming Narratives in 2020. 

These projects are the beginning of developing Dhaka Say Karachi into a creative hub: a collective of critical and creative minds from Pakistan and Bangladesh who exchange cross-cultural dialogues through different art forms, expanding to people who identify of Pakistani and Bangladeshi heritage all over the world.

Image: Ahsan Bari & Sheikh Dina, Dhaka Say Karachi 

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