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Development Grants

Two development grants were awarded to support artists in the early stages of R&D:


A collection of narratives - Hira Rasool

Artist Hira Rasool (Pakistan) is developing an academic project that examines the relationship between people and their homeland, which will eventually lead to a new publication.

Students will listen to the stories of people who have made the journey between Pakistan and Bangladesh, and record these important histories through film and audio.  Working between various media of expression, we will create a collection of narratives as a method of sharing aam tareekh, narratives of the common man. 


‘Weeping Willow’ grant for scrip writing and screenplay development - Sana Noor, Ahmed Ali and Masud ul Haq

'Weeping Willow' is a script for a short film based on the short story written by Sana Noor (Pakistan). The script revolves around a widow who falls in love and wants to remarry but the societal and cultural norms do not let her do that. The script explores the emotional dilemmas, societal hypocrisy and need of creating open space for difficult conversations. The script is contextualised within the society of Pakistan but the themes explored have a broader impact. 

The script project is being jointly produced by Sana Noor (Writer/Script Writer, Pakistan), Ahmed Ali (Script Writer/Actor, Birmingham) and Masud ul Haq (Film Director, Bangladesh).

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