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A digital re-projection of the Transforming Narratives Mela and Symposium by BLKBX (BD).

The meteor hit of 2070 claimed a quarter of earth’s lives and much of the superior intelligence that dominates the human race. The world that was controlled entirely by a sophisticated information system has been disrupted, creating a major glitch in the matrix. 

The S191Ø dominates the earth still, the administrative division of ASI-Sec. It stems from the term Artificial Super Intelligence, that came to fruition by the end of the 2050s, and life as humans knew in the earlier decades ceased to exist. 

But this meteor hit gives humans an advantage: they hold information passed on for generations, long before the Dark War of 2069. The narratives were the only tool that separated man from machine. The S191Ø lost the entire data of the colony 9X32MG (previously known South Asia). This territory was the last regional superpower with a baffling history, and a space where the ASI could not impose full domination. 

Every bit of information needs to be pieced together to pose a warfare that can decimate them from the inside, much like its colonial footprints. At their disposal lies only a handful of pieces of history, including an archaic machine-learning driven art project by BLKBX that was developed in 2022 from a handful of caption-bot transcripts which are lost to time. 

Perhaps they could reverse engineer this and stitch the past together, or maybe their predecessors were too primitive to decipher this. Here’s one of the last surviving footages of the era: debugV2.0.71

Core data was gathered from the Transforming Narratives Mela & Symposium to generate this audio-visual piece.

Watch this InstaLive interview with BLKBX founder, Nafis Ahmed, where he tells us more about the process behind debugV20.7.1

Images: Stills from BLKBX, DEBUGv2.0.71


BLKBX (the BlackBox project) was founded on the grounds to explore and experiment new media technologies and mixed methods of expressions. It brings together the founder Nafis’ experience as an entertainment producer as well as his curatorship/artistic thought processes. There’s no particular format that takes precedence but rather the amalgamation and experiments that bring about novel outcomes. Most experiments so far have been staged as digital outcomes, but with the world opening up BLKBX is set host some live installations in Europe this year onwards.

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