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R&D Case Study Aftab Rahman

Aftab Rahman Visit To Bangladesh

In February 2019, Aftab Rahman, Director of Legacy WM visited Bangladesh:

"Made by the river banks of Bangladesh, forged in the northwest frontier province of Birmingham....there is an umbilical cord that has intrinsically linked me between Bangladesh and England. There was a time that I struggled with choosing a place to call home. These days, I am proud of my shared heritage. It has become easier to be connected through the advent of the web…another umbilical cord.

I have the good fortune of being funded by Transforming Narratives for research and development on the theme of ‘water’. Bangladesh is famed for its rivers and tributaries, and Birmingham has more canals than Venice. 

Both countries are intrinsically linked by ‘water’ and have a shared heritage that expands over four centuries.  There are lessons that Bangladesh can learn from the UK and vice versa.  One of the main issues is the pollution of waterways in Bangladesh with plastic and general waste.  There is a lack of public awareness on rubbish being thrown into the waterways.  The Bangladeshi government has taken some important steps in banning direct waste from tanneries and sewage waste entering the waterways.  There is so much more that needs to be done.  The UK can learn from Bangladesh as means to cultivate food on our canals and rivers."

During his visit, Aftab took a series of photographs which went on display at the official launch of Transforming Narratives, at Birmingham Repertory Theatre on 21st March 2019. We look forward to seeing how this project grows and develops in the coming months.