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Next Critical Conversation takes place 12 December

Artistic Freedoms Unchained: Restrictions & Control in the Arts
Sunday 12 December 2021
1pm UK / 6pm Pakistan / 7pm Bangladesh

The last of our three Critical Conversation events will take place on Sunday 12 December. 

Is artistic freedom for everyone? In this Critical Conversation, we discuss if artists in Pakistan, Bangladesh or Birmingham can critique and challenge dominant narratives by questioning the status quo and speaking truth to power, or does the fear of restriction of creative expression lead us to self-censorship and mediocrity?

Speakers include:

Professor Salima Hashmi - Pakistan
Artist, curator, art historian, author of “Unveiling the Visible - Lives and Works of Women Artists of Pakistan” and Council member of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.

Dr. Shahidul Alam - Bangladesh
Internationally acclaimed photographer and activist who has documented human rights abuses and political upheaval in Bangladesh for over 30 years.

Lubna Marium - Bangladesh
Dancer, researcher, cultural activist, and part of a Trust that manages 'Shadhona - a Center for Advancement of South Asian Culture'.

Adeela Suleman - Pakistan
Painter, sculptor, and curator whose installation at the Karachi Biennale 2019 "Killing Fields of Karachi", was taken down by law enforcement.

Ali Aftab Saeed - Pakistan
Youtube channel host ‘Ali Uncensored’ and lead band vocalist of ‘Beygairat Brigade’, that critiques the country's institutions, politicians, and conservatives. 

Mukhtar Dar - Birmingham
Artist, filmmaker, and cultural activist who documented, over two decades, the struggles of Asian and African Caribbean communities in the UK against racism and fascism.

Aftab Rahman - Birmingham
Photographer, Director of Legacy West Midlands, initiated and led an inspirational programme to mark and celebrate the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh's Independence.

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This event is organised by Kalaboration Arts as part of the Transforming Narratives programme.

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