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Safar Suroon Ka

Shallum Asher Xavier and Labik Kamal  

Safar Suroon Ka

Safar Suroon Ka is a distinct musical collaboration and artistic union between established and aspiring singers and musicians, including artists from the under-served communities of Pakistan and Bangladesh. This cross-cultural collaboration showcases the creative abilities of talented individuals and bring forward the exceptional musical heritage that is a common thread between both cultures.

The artists shared creative melodic ideas, poetry, digital dialogues, workshops, resulting in a brand new song and music video - Chal Diye - which features an ensemble of great musicians from Pakistan and Bangladesh including Shallum Xavier, Labik Kamal Gaurob, Armeen Musa, Alycia Dias, Jenaan Hussain, Abdul Rafay Khan, Ghaffar Jiskani, Shariyar Rahman Sakib and Lisa Kim. The group also published a series of talks and workshops via YouTube.

Safar Suroon Ka is spearheaded by guitarist Shallum Xavier (Pakistan) and Labik Kamal Gaurob (Bangladesh).

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