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New Narratives

GRAIN Projects, Pathshala Asian Media Institute and Tasweerghar

New Narratives

GRAIN Projects (Birmingham), collaborating with Pathshala Asian Media Institute (Bangladesh) and Tasweerghar (Pakistan) led a Digital Artist Exchange Programme, involving the sharing, publishing and exhibition of new work via digital platforms.

Photographic artists Nilupa Yasmin and Thanya Mavish (Birmingham, UK) and Waleed Zafar (Lahore, Pakistan) and Samsul Alam Helal (Dhaka, Bangladesh) made new work about their city, environment, family, heritage and community to reflect on place and time during 2020, including the challenges from Covid-19 and the steps towards recovery.  

View and download the New Narratives zine from the GRAIN website.

Image: Nilupa Yasmin and Samsul Alam Helal

Image: Thankya Mavish

Image: Waleed Zafar

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