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Rebel Creatives


CollaborArtists is an uplifting project produced by Rebel Creatives (Birmingham) that brings together seven talented creative and cultural practitioners from Birmingham, Pakistan and Bangladesh to reflect on isolation during the global pandemic and how it has introduced new ways of working in different parts of the world. The artists highlight the positive power of collaboration and the future of digital storytelling through visual art, spoken word and open conversations, which each tell individual stories, whilst coming together to form one powerful overarching narrative.

The CollaborArtists are: 
Amrit Singh - Birmingham
Amerah Saleh - Birmingham
Sharan Dhanda - Birmingham
Shazmeen Khalid - Birmingham
Joga Singh - Birmingham
Natasha Malik - Pakistan
Qadir Jhatial - Pakistan
Azizee Khan - Bangladesh

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Watch: The Positive Power of Artistic Collaboration by CollaborArtists

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