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Take a journey into understanding Bangladesh, Pakistan, Birmingham.

For decades, people have left their homes to forge a new life in Birmingham, but their stories have rarely been told. Together, we are uncovering these stories, illuminating the artists of Dhaka, Lahore, Birmingham and beyond.

We are hearing the new stories, being made now. Finding fresh voices, and taking a new look at old narratives.

Transforming Narratives is a groundbreaking three-year project to establish Birmingham as a leading international centre for contemporary Pakistani and Bangladeshi arts, for the mutual benefit of Birmingham and cities in Pakistan and Bangladesh. 

It is managed by Culture Central, supported by Arts Council England and delivered in association with The British Council.

Upcoming Events

Sonia Sabri Company launches new dance events in Conjunction with Transforming Narratives

Sahasa (The Brave) events are free and will take place at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery in February. For more information click here.

There are no events currently available.