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Open Call - Exchanges

As part of the Transforming Narratives Artistic Programme Open Call, funding is being offered to broker new partnerships or develop existing ones through international residencies, exchanges and critical dialogue in Birmingham, Pakistan or Bangladesh. 

  • Open call round 1: Now closed.
  • Open call round 2: January – March 2020 (with a legacy focus)

Exchanges criteria

  • Grants of up to £3,000 will be awarded per applicant, with a maximum of one application per organisation in each round.
  • There will be a maximum of 20 grants awarded for exchanges in the first round and 12 grants awarded for exchanges in round 2, with a proportionate allocation to all three countries.
  • The funds can be used to broker new partnerships or develop existing ones through residencies. Where applicants have already benefited from exchange funds, a clear rationale should be provided on how this exchange/residency will build on the previous one. They should also demonstrate how they have used learning from the previous exchange – on their own practice, that of the partners and the contexts in which they are working – to shape the next phase of their projects.
    • Clear aims, itinerary, and timeframes proposed for the exchange/residency.
    • Applicants will be expected to report back on the quality of experience of the exchange, and submit a report within one month of their visit in a format to be determined by Culture Central with the British Council.
    • Applicants are encouraged to cover the cost from their own funds or seek additional funding from other sources if more than one individual from each organisation is interested in attending. Exceptions can be considered for individuals and/or small organisations demonstrating strong rationale and where the exchange necessitates more than one person travelling (such as accompanied travel on religious grounds).
    • Applicants will be required to articulate their intended outcome of the exchanges programme, but cannot be reliant on further rounds of Transforming Narratives funding to enable the next phase of their plans.
    • There will be a minimum of 20 grants awarded for exchanges in year 2 and a minimum of 12 grants awarded for exchanges in year 3, with a proportionate allocation to all three countries.
    • Some of the exchange grants could support cultural leaders to attend the Transforming Narratives final conference which will take place in late 2020 – early 2021.
    • All applicants should work with their host organisations in the country they are visiting and the British Council offices (where exchanges are to take place in Bangladesh and Pakistan) to organise a critical dialogue event with peers or members of the public, exploring a theme of mutual interest. These should be built into the programme submitted from an early stage, be planned well in advance to ensure maximum engagement locally and allow adequate time for working with partners on marketing and audience development. All themes should be shared with the Culture Central Project Manager and British Council Cities Programmes Lead prior to planning and publicising events to ensure a good balance and to avoid overlap in themes.
    • This open call for Y2 should go live before the end of August 2019 to close in September, with all placements taking place by end April 2020. The open call for Y3 should go live in March 2020, with all placements taking place by end of Dec 2020.
    • All applicants should demonstrate they are also investing matched funding in the exchanges, and that they have the capability to cashflow their visit in the event of any issues with disbursement of funds.


Further reading and resources